Welcome to Dean Cerrati Photography.


My interest in photography started while I was in high school. I got my first 'real' camera a few years later, and still remember the anticipation of waiting to rip open that envelope from the department store or pharmacy photo lab to see how many great pictures I got.  (Yup... dating myself!)  While in college for design, I spent years photographing in just black and white, and learning how to develop my own photos. To this day, those lessons learned in developing my own pictures, provide me with insights into how to approach every shot.  Today, whether I'm taking a picture of duck on a pond, or a deer in a field at sunrise, or shorebirds feeding along the surf, what I am rewarded by most is the reaction received from people when they view one of my images. There's just nothing like that feeling when someone says "WOW! That's a great photo!"


Thank you once again for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy looking at the images in my portfolio.